Hotel Seeblick

Privathotel Pelham 4, 83093 Bad Endorf

Hotel Seeblick

Pelham 4 Bad Endorf +49 8053 309-0
<B>Hello and welcome to the conference hotel "Seeblick"</B><br/> <br/>Our tasteful cuisine and the beautiful location on the quiet and idyllic Lake Pelham with sunbathing, lawn, bridge and with a view to the Alps are reasons why we have successfully, for many years, organized meetings of leading companies in our conference hotel. <br/> <br/>You have certainly assert that the quality of meetings also depends to extremely high degree on the charisma of the place where they take place. The spirit and the inspiring backdrop of a magnificent landscape, a family-run hotel and a perfect conference room just encourage open communication and free thinking. So when it comes to achieve good results, the selection of the right location is a crucial criterion. It's not just about comfort, it's about a number of combined factors which make it easy for people to release a common energy, which couldn´t be released in everyday life.<br/> <br/>After a busy and successful day you can replenish energy in our spa area "Land of Smiles". You can use various health areas for free. The following pages will give you an idea about our spa area and about what you can demand of us. Of course this site can not replace a personal impression. Therefore we would like to invite you to visit our hotel personally. Please announce your arrival in order to view free meeting rooms. Then we are able to discuss details in person, too. We look forward to welcome your company at Lake Pelham and assure you an attentive and flexible service.<br/> <br/>Your team from the conference Hotel<br/>"Seeblick" at Lake Pelham<br/> 4.19999980926514 out of 5 based on 1 reviews
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Main address: Pelham 4 83093 Bad Endorf , Germany ,
Tel: +49 8053 309-0
4.19999980926514 out of 5 based on 1 reviews
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